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We interview people who "get" infertility, including those who walk through it, and those who walk alongside them.

Sarah's Laughter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that provides Christian support for those struggling with infertility or child loss. For more information about Sarah's Laughter, please visit our website at Thank you.

Jul 31, 2023

Beth celebrates her birthday by sharing all the exciting events coming up from Sarah’s Laughter!


  • Baby Steps Infertility Awareness Fun Run & IVF Giveaway is October 28, 2023 in Baton Rouge! This is a community event to raise awareness for infertility held by Sarah’s Laughter. Since 2014, Sarah’s...

Jul 24, 2023

Infertility scarred Emily emotionally, physically, and financially. It also marked her with this truth: “Sometimes it isn’t about the answer to the prayer. Sometimes it’s more about what you learn while you’re waiting for the answer.” This is her story.


  • Beth’s newest book, Daily Double...

Jul 17, 2023

Ashley is a social worker, adoption advocate, and a pastor’s wife. She talks about the shock of broken dreams, how to spot an adoption scam, and the power of a pink puffer jacket. This is her story.


  • Beth’s newest book,...

Jul 10, 2023

Leeann would start to pray and literally have no words. But she always loved music. She’s a music educator and even sang in a Super Bowl halftime show with Madonna. So when Leeann couldn’t find the words to speak to God, God sent a song to speak to her. This is her story.

Post: Dear Lord, You Can Have This Baby by...

Jul 3, 2023

Sarah always wanted a lot of children. Then one day she woke to the news that doctors had performed emergency surgery to save her life. This is her story.


  • Beth’s newest book, Daily Double Portions, is now available in paperback and on Kindle! Get your copy here.

  • The Hope Narrative Infertility &...