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We interview people who "get" infertility, including those who walk through it, and those who walk alongside them.

Sarah's Laughter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that provides Christian support for those struggling with infertility or child loss. For more information about Sarah's Laughter, please visit our website at Thank you.

Jul 17, 2017

Sarah Herman always wanted a lot of children. She got pregnant easily, and delivered healthy babies. And then one day she woke to the news that doctors had performed emergency surgery to save her life: a hysterectomy. This is her story.


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Jul 10, 2017

Beth talks with foster mom Bailey Hughes about her misadventures searching for a diagnosis ("Our infertility story started on our wedding night"), the emotional landscape of fostering ("My pain is worth it if they can gain the love of a family"), and her advice for anyone considering becoming a foster parent.


Jul 3, 2017

Beth talks with blogger & speaker Ashley Mitchell about the birth mom's perspective on abortion, adoption, and what birth moms really think about your vacation pictures. "I would rather face God at judgment with an abortion than society in an unplanned pregnancy." This is probably the most raw interview we've ever done,...

Jun 26, 2017

Episode 35: Small is the New Big. Chance meetings, Divine appointments, timely texts, small gestures of kindness—Beth and Mary Claire talk about the power of story, the big impact of little words, and the qualifications needed to comfort and encourage. 


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Jun 19, 2017

Episode 34: Lauren Citro was a young newlywed living a carefree life, convinced that her blessings were confirmation of God's goodness and love for her. 

And then came infertility.

This is her story. "The fertility community is full of moms who don't have babies." 

Lauren also discusses the beautiful way she honors...