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We interview people who "get" infertility, including those who walk through it, and those who walk alongside them.

Sarah's Laughter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity that provides Christian support for those struggling with infertility or child loss. For more information about Sarah's Laughter, please visit our website at Thank you.

Mar 6, 2017

The medical facts were clear: it was impossible for Emma & Andrew to have a biological child. But they clung to the belief that God promised them a child and even told them its name. “If we are praying for something, we need to be ready for answered prayers.” Their struggle between faith and facts continued through heartbreak, hardships, and devastating diagnoses. And the rugged truth that emerged would shock everyone, including Emma. This is her story.

Emma Bustard (rhymes with mustard) lives in Northern Ireland.


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Sarah’s Laughter is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. If you’d like to help support what we do, including this podcast, please visit Thank you.


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